im mariah im 16 and i make very bad decisions

telepathetic paraplegic





i think it’s really sweet how in this issue tim helps damian get rid of the baby tooth he was complaining about and then takes him out for ice cream??? i just wish people would remember scenes like THIS when they talk about the batfam

I think I read this issue wrong…?

it’s okay. a lot of people seem to misinterpret their relationship, like can we talk about the scene where damian wipes tim’s bloody nose with his glove? tim needed tissues but dami had his back :)

omg i forgot about that scene!!! that’s so cute haha!!
i always thought it was kind of ADORABLE how damian noticed tim’s costume was all torn up and helped get him a new outfit for the time being??? like he was a new kid in the cave, had only JUST met bruce, and yet was still was willing to risk upsetting his father by taking a risk and giving tim jason’s costume so that he wouldn’t be cold??? idk i just think that’s really sweet of him 

WIP commission!! Probably never posting the full, I just like this crop hehe
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yes let me bask in the negativity

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REALLY COOL questions about comic books



1. marvel or dc?? why?
2. favorite male character?
3. favorite female character?
4. would you rather be an xmen or avenger?
5. what would your mutant superpower be?
6. would you want to live in a universe where superheros/villains existed?
7. who do you think has the coolest superpower?
8. favorite story arc?
9. what would you do if you had a superpower? would you keep it to yourself?
10. who would win in a 1v1 fight: iron man or captain america?
11. which character do you wish didn’t exist?
12. favorite villain?
13. favorite extraterrestrial character? (ie. superman, thor)
14. lamest superpower?
15. which character do you think should get a movie? (besides hawkeye and wonder woman bc literally everyone wants that)
16. worst outfit ever?
17. favorite comic book artist?
18. favorite writer?
19. what would you say to stan lee if you met him?


i want this on a t-shirt

100 palette meme.

arcanewinter said: Mystique/Raven #58

I am forever sad they didn’t put movie mystique into this outfit.